V10.1 New Series: SEASON 1 - Oncoming Storm

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V10.1 New Series: SEASON 1 - Oncoming Storm

Rewards: 67 Gold, R$67,000
Location: SEASON 1
Unlocks from: Own Any Car in the Series
Maximum Required PR: 80.8

There are 54 events - 52 Trophy + 2 TT – with each car having a specific TT and 2-event showcase...either car on its own can reach 75% suitably upgraded, but when it becomes available only the STO can be upgraded enough to open the last 3 cup races.

Progress Rewards split:
25% - 8GC and R$8,000      [PR 54.8]
50% - 13GC and R$13,000   [PR 58.0 (58.5 if only have STO)]
75% - 18GC and R$18,000   [PR 59.1]
100% - 28GC and R$28,000  [PR 80.8]

#EDIT# for the record this is how far I managed in the end with a fully-upped Trofeo (PR69.3)...

(couldn't catch 1st in tier 18 PR69.3 Spa race, or be anything like fast enough in tier 20 Speed Record)

We don't yet know the PR increments for upgrades on the STO, but 'all 3s' will cost 470GC and I imagine something like 8-900GC total needed to get 100%.

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