What we Like in RR3

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What we Like in RR3

Hi, there seems to be a lot happening lately with events, challenges, updates etc, and even though I am not associated with RR3 in any way, and complain about LOTS of things, I remembered today a couple of the 'good' things about the game.
1st thing is I can type this here because of this great forum. Thanks
A couple of small details today racing the Agera R at le Mans, driving from chase view (I have options) looking down through the see through panel on the roof at the road lines zipping by at a simulated 400 k's per hr. and if I wanted to I could turn around and drive in the opposite direction.
I know these are only a couple of v small boring things to most, but I was of the times when I was the 1st Manager in a large Company to buy a 'Calculator' and am continually appreciative of the graphics in this game. 

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