Add the Caparo T1 Please

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Add the Caparo T1 Please

Caparo T1
The Caparo T1 is a road-legal F1 car which can be used on and off any race track. It uses a 3.5L Nissan Indycar V8 tuned by Menard which produces 575Hp which is average for a Supercar, however, this car weighs 470Kg which gives the car a power/weight ratio of 1223Hp/Ton. This car is capable of producing 3.5Gs around a corner which is the most from a road car which is because of the 875Kg of downforce that super-glues the car to the ground. The body produces low amounts of drag considering the fact it produces high amounts of downforce and because of that and the high grip, it goes from 0-60 in 2.5s while topping out in 205Mph. 

I really want this car to come to the car into the game mainly because I believe it’s highly suitable for a game like this
Here are the specs of the car:
Price: 235,000 CR/ 1200 Gold
Horsepower: 575Hp
Weight: 470Kg
Class: X
Here are some pictures of the car:

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