V10.3 New Series: SEASON 1 - Behemoth Blitz

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V10.3 New Series: SEASON 1 - Behemoth Blitz

Rewards: 67 Gold, R$67,000
Location: SEASON 1
Unlocks from: Own Any Car in the Series
Maximum Required PR: 52.3

There are 54 events - 52 Trophy + 2 TT – with each car having a specific TT and 2-event showcase, and either car can be upgraded enough to complete the final cup races.

Progress Rewards split:
25% - 8GC and R$8,000   [PR 39.1]
50% - 13GC and R$13,000   [PR 45.8 using only BMW, PR 47.0 using only Merc]
75% - 18GC and R$18,000   [PR 48.3 with only 1 car, a bit less using both]
100% - 28GC and R$28,000 

If you upgraded the BMW enough to finish v10.2 Ultimate M series, you’ll need to spend a further 75GC to do the final cup race.  Alternatively you can wait for the Merc and upgrade that from scratch instead, which will obviously cost a lot more...

Could well be best to wait until the end of v10.3 and see what comes in terms of further series – it would be most unlike Monkeys not to extract as much Gold as possible out of both cars!!

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