V9.6 New Series: SEASON 1 - Deutsch Duell 2

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V9.6 New Series: SEASON 1 - Deutsch Duell 2

Rewards: 58 Gold, R$58,000

Location: SEASON 1
Unlocks from: Own Any Car In This Series
Maximum Required PR: 51.1 ***EDITED, NOT 51.0 AS STATED IN PATCH NOTES***

There are 51 events - 48 Trophy + 3 TT - with each car having a specific 2-event Showcase + TT.  Only the Audi can be upgraded enough to open the last couple of cup races. Sufficiently upgraded, any one car on its own can reach 75%...

Gold progress rewards are:

25%  -  7GC
50%  -  11GC  [PR 41.3]
75%  -  16GC  [sorry, missed noting the PR on Tier 16 Cup, but obviously less than the 46.5 on Tier 17!]
100% -  24GC 

As yet we don't know what PR increase each Audi upgrade will represent, but if fully-upped (PR51.9) costs 729GC it will probably be ~460GC for the series PR51.1

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