larger sliders and more

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larger sliders and more

Hi, I really love the controls customizability, I made the steering wheel detection box as long as my screen for better high speed sens, it had very good ressults, so I wanted to do the same with the sliders, since my screen is not very big and my fingers not very precise, yes, the slider detection box can enlarger, but the sensitive range keeps the same, I would like to do the same as with the steering wheel so I have better control, some cars are just pure evil with traction control off.
 Some other feature request that got in second place (for me) are:
 -not necesarily more interiors, but the interiors seems to be graphicaly more demanding for my phone, the request is the posibility of less detailed interior for better game performance, other related thing with interiors is the speed sense, may be it's just me, but from interior, 200 kph looks a bit slow.
 -Backgrounds: I seen previous version videos about the game wich has other backgrounds, I wold like to choose the background, not necesarily to add new backgrounds, just the old and current backgrounds is fine.

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