A Thread About Off-topic Threads

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A Thread About Off-topic Threads

It has come to my attention that in recent days/weeks/months some members have started having issues with members who stray off-topic in any given thread.  I want to weigh in on that subject, so everyone here in the community can, hopefully, follow suit.

As a developer, I frequently visit IT-oriented forums designed to provide helpful guidance and suggestions on programming-related issues.  Those forums notoriously have very strict rules about staying on-topic, and, in many cases, even dictate what is acceptible in answers vs. comments.

But here in the Mxx Family of sites, we don't need to be so strict.  This is a gathering of like-minded folks who all share a love of racing in general, and racing apps in particular.  The way I see it, threads in a forum of this type are like in-person conversations - they are dynamic and develop a life of their own.  They go where they will - sometimes (mostly) related to the topic of the original post, but just as often, they stray into other areas.  And I think that's perfectly fine.  This should be a relaxed, comfortable, enjoyable place to exchange information and share our enthusiasm for racing apps.

Also, I feel I should remind everyone of item 8 of the Site Guidelines.  Its wording makes it seem like it pertains only to "inappropriate" posts, but it applies equally to situations where you might be tempted to post a comment telling other members they should stay on-topic.  If any member ever has an issue with any content posted by others, they should contact me via PM and I'll handle the situation myself, also via PM.

But even that shouldn't be necessary.  If a thread you're following goes off-topic, just ignore those posts and post your own on-topic comment as usual.

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