Captcha is hard to get right

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Captcha is hard to get right

So the captcha thing (those images to choose when setting up a new thread) here in MRR is way harder to check compared to other websites. Today I occasionally found a possible reason for that. It seems like the computer code for that check doesn’t actually know the right answer, but instead it just relies on artificial intelligence to compare our answer to several previous answers from other users. Eventually, this might (I don’t know) use only the answers given in this website (or only in similar websites), and since there’s not large enough a database to compare and check our answers, it usually takes 3, 4... 5 attempts to make sure were giving a sensible answer.

Another suspicion I have: sometimes it appears to be lost for various tries, so I believe hitting the refresh button resets the thing, so it becomes more “intelligent” in the following round. Hopefully it will never become ‘alive’. frown

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