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Please abide by the following rules when posting content in the MyRacingSims family of sites...

  1. Play nice.  This should go without saying.  We are, after all, here in this forum because of a shared interest in racing games and simulators.  The point being:  games are supposed to be fun.  So let's keep the forums fun and lighthearted as well.
  2. The forum language is English only.  Please do not post in other languages.  You may, of course, send private messages in your language of choice.
  3. Spam and/or self-promotion is not permitted in any form.  The determination of what is considered spam or self-promotion is the sole discretion of the site moderators.  Any content considered to be spam will be removed.
  4. Please do not post threads or replies in all CAPITALS since this is considered to be SHOUTING and is not necessary.
  5. Insulting, flaming, or personal attacks against other members and staff will not be tolerated.
  6. Please be considerate in the language you use on the forum.  The ages of our members cover a wide spectrum.  We don't want to be forced into making this an age-restricted site, so please choose your words carefully.
  7. Please do not post inappropriate material.  Basically, if you would not feel comfortable viewing it in a workplace or classroom, you shouldn't post it here.
  8. If you see a comment in any of our sites that you think is inappropriate, you should contact one of the moderators via private message.  Under NO circumstances should you EVER add your comments to the inappropriate thread trying to tell other members what they should or should not post.  That is the sole responsibility of the moderators.

What happens if I break a rule?

The most important thing to remember is:  Our house... Our rules!  We think of this site the same as if we were inviting you into our home.  Just ask yourself what you would tolerate from others in your own home, then conduct yourself accordingly here.
But for those who can't follow our simple rules...
  • 1st offence:  A site moderator will correct or delete the offending post and a warning will be given via private message.
  • 2nd offence:  Same as for the first but the member may also incur a temporary ban from the site(s).
  • 3rd offence:  At this point, we will assume that you are simply unwilling, or unable, to play by the rules and you will be banned permanently.

The above steps are very much dependent on the severity of each offence, the determination of which is the sole discretion of the site moderators.  Any of the above penalties might be issued even on the first offence.  So it's best to just play nice and avoid these measures altogether.

One more thing that should be pointed out...  If two or more members do engage in argumentative, insulting, or flaming behavior, all will be dealt with equally.  We won't care, and won't try to determine, who started it or who is more guilty than the other(s).  The basic assumption there is: it takes two to argue.  If no one responds to a flaming or insulting post, that's the end of it, and only one member would need to be dealt with.

If you have any questions regarding these rules, feel free to send us a message using the Contact Us link.  We will try our best to clear up any lingering confusion.

For lots of helpful information, please browse the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

The MyRacingSims Team

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