'Formula E is not just about motorsport'

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'Formula E is not just about motorsport'

Motorsport is lacking in young fans. Formula E is an attempt by FIA to address that, by bringing the races into cities--instead of on tracks that are located away from them--and by offering attractions other than racing. Thus, people are attracted to Formula E races by things other than racing, and might become interested in racing while they are there. Below is how Formula E sees itself.

Formula E wrote:

Formula E is not just about motorsport. A global entertainment brand with city-centre racing at its heart, music plays an important role in the series. From the creation of an exclusive soundtrack that features in the global TV broadcast through to musical entertainment around the track on race day, music is an integral part in adding to the brand experience. As the tension builds at the start of each race on the grid, so does the music, all under the control of our resident DJ - EJ.

(Source: http://www.fiaformulae.com/en/music)

From the above, we can surmise that Formula E has chosen music that:

  • appeals to young people;
  • appeals to the biggest audience of young people;
  • appeals to a (possibly the most) desirable demographic of young people

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