Another monkey math

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Another monkey math


I currently hunting for the V12 Vantage S on my second account.

Therefore I have to unlock the Aston Martin Expedition to unlock it....

I run races in the Prestige-Powermatch to unlock the AME.... 7 trophies to unlock

Also I have 3 trophies left to unlock the MB SLS AMG GT3.

Now came the monkey math:

I get 2 trophies and unlock the Spadaconcept series.... sounds ok

I get 1 trophy and unlock the SLS AMG GT3 and buy it with showcase discount... sounds also ok.

But why are now is the Aston Martin Expedition is also unlocked?

If count right, I had to do another 4 trophies,
but the monkeys decide to calculate 7 - 3 = 0 frown

At the end it is positive for me, but it is stupid and simply wrong.

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