Calling All Beta-Testers

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Calling All Beta-Testers

Ok, so I guess I have to always post important announcements in the RR3 General Discussion section if I want you guys/gals to see them. cheeky

The ULB (Ultimate Leaderboard) feature went live late yesterday (CST-US) and there are only four posts at this point.  Ok, I realize that some of the newer Series aren't in the database yet, but that still gives you over 2000 events to choose from.  So get out there and zoom zoom zoom!

When I say the ULB is live now, I mean that it is currently available only for my beta-testers (former-Gold members).  But I've just decided... I'm gonna open it up to former-Silver members, too.

You'll find a link to an article explaining "How to post" in the upper right part of the Leaderboard pages.

If you have any problems/suggestions regarding the ULB, please post them here.

Carry on.

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