Contingency Planning

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Contingency Planning

The 10049 Suspension cluster last week gave me a bit of fright.  When the suspension message popped up I initially thought it might be a ban related to excessive sitcom reruns. While it turned out to be something else it made think about forward planning in case that does happen.

Since I started playing RR3 almost a year ago I've managed multiple Player IDs (CCRRs) - at first for concurrent / parrallel play on multiple devices and then for point in time save / restore capability.  That was before I learned about iFunbox (just one of the many, many useful tips on this forum).

To the point of the subject - I've set aside one of my CCRRs as a contingency ID.  It's a copy of my primary with 100% completion (a/o 2.7) and fully equipped garage.  I needed to reduce the GC balance and the only thing available to me was customization.

This will not come as news to the customization experts (I've just started dabbling) - paint and decals are EXPENSIVE, in the aggregate probably more than mechanical upgrades.  116 GC for Veneno flag decals?  Holy Sticker Book Batman.

It was no problem to quickly burn through >15K GC on vinyls, paint and wheels. Hopefully I never have to use it, but just in case I have an independent ID with a complete fleet to continue playing.  And with a very large inventory of materails can keep several restoration garages in business for a long time.

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