How to get into future events with android?

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How to get into future events with android?

I've tried starting rr3 and immediately closing it, and then going airplane mode and changing the date. This works to unlock cars (how I was able to buy the ferrari 50s car early), but it won't let me enter challenges - it says connect to the internet. If I connect to the internet, the game recognizes the true date and won't let me enter the event. As I've found out, I don't even need to open the app first, i can just use airplane mode and hcange the date and then start the rr3.

Here's the other problem: I seem to be taken to the same date in the future - a date before January 26 where I'd be able to buy the f1 cars. 

So here's my question: how do I either - get into a challenge in the future date, or go into the future enough to be able to buy the f1 cars?


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