RR3 tactics are confusing

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RR3 tactics are confusing

Hi all
Just needed to get out a confusing and frustrating way of doing things that RR3 seem to have in their Season 1 rounds
Just this round I finished their latest new car offering of the Countach and did it reasonably easy with just all 3 upgrades as is/was the usual system/settings.
Done and was fun and was the game I have enjoyed for so many years

Prior to that was the Valkyrie event.
Now my tiny little mind I thought this would be most fun because I had already won the car and had even upgraded it to 26/28. Bring it on
Then came day 6 tab 2 - slipstream Magnus for 3,000 metres and win with an average speed of 213 ks per hour.
After close to a dozen attempts with different approaches, I miss out on average speed by as little as 1 or 2 ks
The point is, why. 
With more than sufficient upgrades, and I am not an amateur (but definitely not an A driver) why would the event be structured in such a way as to make it so B difficult -( btw slowing the bot for Magnus down only means it is then harder to reach the average speed after finally passing him)

I just don’t understand their logic
 New car event easy with all 3 (21) upgrades, old car event with 26 upgrades discarded due to frustration 

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