I can't finish day 5 of the Formula 1 season ... can I?

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I can't finish day 5 of the Formula 1 season ... can I?

Page 9 from Myv777's posts (thanks) https://myrealracing.club/thread/37581/rr3-v8.0-released-formula-1-update suggests I can't. 

I am stuck on goal 4 of 4.

I have been on PR 123.7 since yesterday and can't race again until tomorrow as I need PR124.4, achieved by spending M$199350 on an engine upgrade. 

I have M$ 74,223.

I can't do another Daily Race until tomorrow and I only have 3 days 10 hours left ... it's currently 08.30 GMT Thursday where I am so my game finishes Sunday 18.30. Odd.

I can run 3 more Daily Races = M$ 540,000, = total available M$ 614,223 less engine upgrade (M$ 199350) = M$ 414,873.

Page 9 suggests a M$ 150,000 bonus for completing the day = M$ 564,873 and there will probably be interim bonuses.

If I'm reading column 6 (on that page) properly I need M$ 862,313 to gain 2.1 PR which first of all I don't have and would still only get me to PR 126.5 vs PR 126.6 to complete.

Pointless continuing? My maths wrong? A solution?


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