Optical Track changes in Version 8 (F1 update)

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Optical Track changes in Version 8 (F1 update)

Hi everybody,

Monkeys obviously changed the design of at least one track: Silverstone GP
(didn't actually checked changes on the variants, but I think they are also changed)

Please post if you detect changes on other F1 / GP Tracks to fit more for the actual season.

In general it sounds at first like "it's only an optical thing"... but both examples from the Silverstone GP also have optical marks which most of us use as brake points!

So they ARE important.
First example: the two banners over the track are now missing... and for sure the 2nd one is used as BP.

And in the second example they changed the stands... I used the gap also as BP... now it is gone.

Think not that they change it back, but I want to let you know that that you can work and chack for your own racing and timing on braking.

ADD:damn I forgot to read the patch notes... there are changes noted for some tracks surprise

Anyway... I didn't like it

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