Verdict on F1 update

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Verdict on F1 update

Hi guys
well there was a lot of speculation re v8.0 update, and what it would be like etc
I didn't want to highjack the thread re v 8.0 events and options etc because it seems to be going quite well (many contributors)
I was wondering what the general consensus was now that it is underway. Was it 'Huge" - worthwhile - etc

It has only just begun (sounds like a line from a song:) but my take so far 

I like the new track (still working on getting all the corners and breaking right, but that shows it is not small and simple)
I like the cars/options, even though I can't change liveries :)
I like that we can enter the events before having to wait for each one day by day

I am disappointed that we have such a small limit to earning the new currency
I am disappointed that we have to wait so long to earn enough to be able to upgrade to finish, and yet that somehow translates to keeping us involved longer

I am really pleased with one aspect that I believe has changed in the actual racing with the F1 cars
It seems to me that when passing on a corner, the bot actually moves away/gives clearance if my car has an overlap.
As compared to the amount of times I have started to pass and bot stays on its line and either clips/pits, or more often just pushes into my line.

Overall, so far I give it a 7/10 and still calculating
Edit - and the drafting 'seems' to be better calculated

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