RR3 v8.0 Released - Formula 1 Update

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RR3 v8.0 Released - Formula 1 Update

Next version - v8.0 - will arrive next Monday/Tuesday. It will be a BIG update, some very exciting stuff. I can't give details at the moment, but watch out for FM's announcement schedule:

"Starting on November 20 (american time) you might see some press and the trailer for the update out "in the wild."

We will update the RR3 website showcasing the new key artwork at 1am November 21 (PDT) with a "coming November 26" on it so players know what to expect

We will be releasing a "walk through video" with an intro from me(Sean) and Matt that delves a little deeper into the update (but definitely not comprehensive) on November 22 on RRTV and Facebook

Game Changer videos and patch notes can go live on November 23 at 1am PDT"

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