A Tribute to Marcel (Myv777)

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A Tribute to Marcel (Myv777)

It is with a heavy heart that I must let you all know... Marcel just informed me that he is retiring as host of the New ALL TTs series of Tournaments.  His devotion to these Tournaments, and his tireless efforts keeping players interested and active in them, is to be admired, and is something for which he should be very proud indeed.

By the numbers:

  • The first Challenge I found hosted by Marcel was on 11 July 2016.  That means he has been keeping these Tournaments going for more than two and a half years!
  • 162 Challenges - this number came from Marcel himself.  I have no reason to doubt it, but I'm certainly not going to count them to check his work.  Just know that the effort required just to create that many Challenges (and the Tournaments that accompany them) is almost unimaginable.  But his efforts didn't stop there... he worked tirelessly behind the scenes - via PMs here in MRR, and in other social avenues - to remind particpants to post their times before the deadlines.

So please join me in expressing our appreciation and admiration for a job very well done.

Thank you so much, Marcel.

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