How to maximize race earnings (kind of cheating)

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How to maximize race earnings (kind of cheating)


I wanted to share my little trick on how to maximize my earnings from every race, and to be able to keep racing without repair times.

I now earn almost 100% extra money on my races and don't have to wait for my Audi R8 to be fixed after EVERY race.

So this is quite simple and not really a secret either. But still.

To skip repair times, i turn off internet (airplane mode on, wifi off) and change the date. For only skipping repair you should forward the time by the amount of time the repair takes. But, if you want the 100% racebonus every race, you should skip it by 24hours.

To earn more money, after every race advance the time 24 hours. and you get the daily racebonus again. After 4 races, you're up to the 100% racebonus and than it really starts to make a difference.

Downside: you're racing offline when you do the skip repair time. (fix: after the car is repaired, go back to the settings one more time reconnect to internet). It's one more time you need to leave the game, but i think it's worth it. 20 second work, 7 minutes of racing money earned.




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