Error on the Jaguar C-X75-R3Spec upgrade page

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Error on the Jaguar C-X75-R3Spec upgrade page

Hi all,

Very sorry if this isn't the correct spot for this as I didn't see any kind "edit" button on the page.

The level 4 body shows a .5 upgrade for 125gold when it should be .4 upgrade.  Also -.01 acceleration, not -.02

Longer version is more of a rant. :-)
This Jaguar has 30% off upgrade sale for me right now and I have all 3's for a 90.5 PR.  I was considering upgrading it to 93 just to complete the Elite series it is in (for 32 gold reward).  I had calculated on it being .5 for 4343444 for 481 gold which is ridiculous.  But with it .4, the cheapest I see is 4434444 at 607 gold and there's no way that's worth it.

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