WTT and OMP Relaunch (RR3 v.6.5)

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WTT and OMP Relaunch (RR3 v.6.5)

Relaunch Date: Tuesday, August 21, 2018, 01:00 UTC

Weekly Time Trial will be unavailable between August 13 01:00 UTC - August 21 01:00 UTC in preparation for the relaunch.

Common in both events:

  • Weekly rewards will include Gold rewards for everyone
  • Each week, one vehicle will be loaned to everyone (who do not own it) for each event

Weekly Time Trial Relaunch

  • WTT will consist of a single event per week
  • Going off-track or hitting walls will only incur in time penalties (no DQ; this also applies to Time Trial Competitions, but Career, Motorsports and Exclusive Series TT's will remain unchanged)

Online Multiplayer Relaunch

  • Colliding with opponents has been disabled (ghost opponents)
  • There is now a single Online Multiplayer league (not A, B, C)
  • Improving your rating will increase the Gold reward (?)
  • Updated OMP UI
  • Track rotation every 15 minutes
  • Improved post-race experience
  • Other fixes to matchmaking and net-code


Time Trial Replays

New 'Watch Replay' available on results for all Time Trial Leaderboards (including Series Time Trials, WTT, and Time Trial Competitions).
Use 'Watch Replay' to spectate competitor laps to study their braking points and racing line.

We have also fixed several cases where a player could submit a lap time but their ghost/replay would not be updated.

Car PR in Time Trial Leaderboards

PR is now displayed on results for Series Time Trials, Weekly Time Trials and Time Trial Competitions.

Anti-Cheating Improvements

We have fixed several exploits and have added additional anti-cheat checks. We will be continuing work on cheat detection to ensure the competitive modes are fair. Players found to be cheating or exploiting will have their Online Multiplayer Rating reset, in additional to the removal of their Time Trial results.

Further discussion on v. 6.5:

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