Endurance Kings Locked

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Endurance Kings Locked

I've been playing RR3 for sometime now.  In March, I downloaded the game on my son's Galaxy Tab so he could play as well.  Something happened during the install of his game and he ended up getting 750+ million dollars and 580+ million gold.  Last week I decided I was done racing my copy on my phone and deleted my progress (Level 123 or so, 80 cars) so I could transfer his copy and play it as my own.  Problem is, now the Endurance Kings series is locked and the Porsche 919 is locked and says I can't unlock it until I win 2 EK races.  Any suggestions?  Neither device was jailbroke, I didn't mess with apk's, etc.  I've uploaded my profile to the cloud, deleted, and reinstalled.  Thanks for the help.  BTW, once my son got all of the extra swag, I grabbed my wife's phone but her install went as it normally does with 30k to start.

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