Some suggestions that don’t involve a damn car list

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Some suggestions that don’t involve a damn car list

Just a few things I wanna suggest.

1. Offset customisation/wheel spacers. Would be nice if the wheels were flush and not 10 inches inwards.

2. Wheel size customisation (Because 15 inch rims just don’t look great)

3. Live tuning. Nothing more annoying when you wanna tune your car and you have to quit the race in order to tune your car.

4. Better MFI support. The amount of times I’ve had to quit the game to get it to work is frustrating.

5. A bit cheeky this one, but 2 gold per ad? 

6. If not #5 then how about gold for online racing? I think someone else suggested this on here. But like 2nd place gets 1 and first place gets 2-3.

7. Make the events cheaper. 10 gold to race is annoying. 5 gold is more reasonable. And speaking of events, we should be able to have free go on the drift and race event. One free go each.  

8. Make ads consistent. For us stingy gits who spend rarely anything (although I spent money on the 2x) and don’t wanna pay £10 for 500 gold which isn’t enough for a decent car..

9. We need optimisation rather than cars. Would rather have all the above then new cars but that’s my opinion.

Anyway, these are a few suggestions. 



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