Important message about the Mxx Family

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Important message about the Mxx Family

Regarding the recent suspension of the Mxx Family of sites (being put into maintenance mode), I've now had time to reflect on the situation and have come to a decision.

My first inclination was to shut down the sites completely.  The only interaction I've had with the sites in the past 2 to 3 weeks has been only a source of stress and frustration for me.  Who in their right mind would want that to continue?

The immediate realization was that it's not fair to penalize all members just because a few can't seem to get along.  The majority of emails I've received during the offline stage have stated that Marcel's Tournaments will be missed the most.  That was very telling.  It's a tribute not only to the great work Marcel has been doing, but also points out that the forums are really not so important to site visitors - or so I thought.

I had decided to reopen the sites without the forums, so that members could still participate in the Tournaments.  Then I read one additional email that emplored me to reopen the forums as well.  I had already realized that there are more forums than just the ones for MRR, and, with one exception, they haven't had any "dramas".

So I have decided to reopen the sites as they were before - with Tournaments and forums.  But I really (really!) don't need any additional stress in my life, so if we have another meltdown like the recent one(s), I'll just close the forums and eliminate that source of frustration.

Carry on.

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