Mercedes AMG Project One

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Mercedes AMG Project One

aaaand another hyper car will be presented on the motorshow IAA in Frankfurt...

The Merceds AMG Project One...

The car will be available 2019 and is actually limited to 275 cars

The car will cost ~2,2 million Euro (~2,6million US$)

6s from 0 to 200kph

I try to find some suitable english news, but it's difficult to find them....
If you are interested in latest news I think it is ok to surf for your own....

In some news I also read something about Aston Martin Valkyrie,
new Bentley Continental GT, BMW conzept Z4....aso...

Will be a lot of presentations and a lot of them are limited or only concept.
Some are for sure are nice... but for the common "prohibitive"/"exorbitant"...

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