Signing into RR3 problem ?

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Signing into RR3 problem ?

Hi guys,
Looks like i am gone
Have tried for hrs yesterday, and this morning after signing out to run a 10 lapper at Le Mans, to sign back in.
(I did list every step I have taken, to get nowhere and even that got wiped by a wrong button tap)
So, i go through the steps to sign in, google screen etc, and press all the necessary 'allow' buttons, and am left with sitting on a Google screen, and not signed in.
a/ have i been temp banned for running offline
b/will i now look seriously for a different game 

Edit - Amazing, i think.
After 3 hrs last night, and 1 hr this morning, i just posted this message, and tried once more (game on ipad and message on Surface pro 3) to log in, and hey presto i am in ?????

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