Any Assetto Corsa or Forza enthusiasts (with racing wheel)?

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Any Assetto Corsa or Forza enthusiasts (with racing wheel)?

(Forgive me if this topic has been previously discussed – I couldn’t find much in past posts.)

RR3 is a brilliant, fun game, quirks and all.  I never tire of the astonishing graphics rendering.  But I’m curious whether any of you also race via console or PC, with a racing wheel?

I showed RR3 to a co-worker who does his racing on console and PC, and he was surprised by how good RR3 was.  However, I was really intrigued by his demonstration of his systems, which are running “Assetto Corsa”, “Project Cars”, and “Forza Motorsport 6/Horizon 3”.  (“Assetto Corsa” in particular was verrry impressive!)

His controller setup consists of a modestly priced racing wheel, pedals, and shifter. 

Do any of you race in Assetto, Forza, or Project Cars via racing wheel/pedals/shifter?  If so, what are your thoughts?

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