February Forzathon Events

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February Forzathon Events

This week's Week in Review has info on all the dates and some of the prizes in the February Forzathon events. After finding all the achievements on Feb 1, here's the list of events and what's up for grabs:

  1. Who Wants Seconds? (Feb 3–6)
    • Mail Run: Complete 3 Online Races to win the #17 Xbox Racing Ford Falcon FG X.
    • General Issue: Win 5 Head-to-Head Races in a Jeep to win the Warthog.
    • Demolition Derby: Perform 20 Wrecking Ball Skills to win the Terradyne Gurkha LAPV.
    • Dugout: Complete a Bucket List Challenge that ends in Coober Pedy and win 3 wheelspins.
  2. Producing History (Feb 10–13)
    • Always Tough: Win 3 Races in the '56 Ford F-100 to receive 50,000 CR.
    • Precise Performance: Perform 15 Ultimate Skill Chains in a Ford to earn 15,000 XP.
    • Job Well Done: Complete 3 Online Races in a Ford to win the Ford Mustang Boss 302 Horizon Edition.
    • It's a Sale-ebration!: Buy OR Sell any car on the Auction House to win 3 wheelspins.
  3. Valentine's Day (Feb 14)
    • Something In The Air: Perform 20 Air Skills to win 3 wheelspins.
    • Date Night: Complete a Co-Op Race to win the Silvia S14.
    • Be Mine: Beat a Rival to win the '70 Chevelle Horizon Edition.
    • Fools Rush In: Complete a game of Flag Rush to win 50,000 CR.
  4. Look What We Found! (Feb 17–20)
    • Fang It!: Complete 5 Head-to-Head races in a Ford to earn 15,000 XP.
    • Mid-Engine Triumph: Win a Championship in the Ferrari Dino to win 3 wheelspins,
    • Making Friends: Complete an Online Adventure in an Int'l Scout or Holden FX Ute to win the Lola #6 Penske Sunoco T70.
    • Finders Keepers: Complete ANY event and receive 30,000 CR.
  5. Speed Machine (Feb 21)
    • Trifecta: Complete ALL "Speed Machine" challenges to win the Ferrari 599xx.
    • Gallop Out: Win a Race in a Ferrari to receive 10,000 CR.
    • Proud Challenger: Complete an Online Race in a Ferrari to receive 10,000 CR.
    • Ground Work: Complete a Bucket List Challenge in a Ferrari to receive 10,000 CR.
  6. Closing the Door (Feb 24–27)
    • Butting Heads: Win 5 Head-to-Head races to earn 25,000 XP.
    • Taking Out The Trash: Perform 30 Trashman Skills to win 3 wheelspins.
    • Hard Chargin': Get 3 Stars on a Speed Zone in a Classic Muscle car to receive 20,000 CR.
    • Keeping It Clean: Perform a Clean Start to unlock the Arooga 2 Horn.
  7. Shooting Stars (Feb 28)
    • Factory-Backed: Complete a Race in a Subaru to receive 50,000 CR.
    • In It Together: Complete an Online Race to earn 25,000 XP.
    • Join The Team: Complete ANY event to win the #75 Subaru WRX Rally Car.
    • Get Behind the Wheel: 20% off all Subarus in the Autoshow

Update Feb 1: Added info on all achievements as listed in the Xbox achievements.
Update Feb 28: Added info about the 20% Subaru rebate in the Autoshow for the last event, ref PG's tweet.

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