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ASSOLUTO RACING Facebook page/ share replays

Hi guys!
I open this thread for inviting you on ASSOLUTO RACING fb page, not the official page but a little community of Assoluto racers.
During these last days me and my malaysian friend are disputing some personal challenges with one car/ one track combo.
For example stock Civic Type-R on Yamagata normal.
So we have thought to propose to the other interested drivers to take part, with the purpose of sharing  the videos of our best laps.
It's not a real challenge, beneath we can view the other lap times and so compare these, but the real intention is to compare the different driving styles and, maybe, improve through the other people turn's approach.
Well, you're very fast guys, so if you want it would be awesome if you take part to this Assoluto video enciclopedia. Ok, maybe too great definition, but it could be interesting and useful for all the community.
Actually we are engaged too with Civic. 
Ok, it's all! 
Thanks for your kindness, I've learned so much by you during the last events.
Have a good day!

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