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Arines Ring Competition

Per cy@n's question, here is the Official Arines Ring Competition thread, now in the Events & Challenges section of this forum. Here are the rules:

1. You must sign up for participation by posting in this thread that you are competing.

2. This competition will consist of 13 events- one for each car in the game. Each event will consist of 4 stages:
• Arines Ring Forward Unmodified
• Arines Ring Reverse Unmodified
• Arines Ring Forward Modified
• Arines Ring Reverse Modified

3. Completion of all 4 stages is required, in order to earn a score for each event.

4. Screenshots of your best lap times will need to be posted in this thread for them to be considered in the scoring process. For this round of competition, the time stamp of your comment in this thread will be what determines if your entry is on time or not. Unfortunately, I am not able to reliably capture screenshots of the official leader boards at the end of each event this time.

5. Each event will last for 4 days (96 hours). This provides a full 24 hours per event stage.

6. Same scoring system as the AR Season One series. Your total score for each event will be the average ranked place of all 4 stages. At the end of each event, Formula 1 points will be awarded to the top 10 finishers.

7. Event #1 begins in 43 minutes at 12:00 noon Pacific Time and will end 96 hours later.

8. Here is the official schedule of events:

Best of luck everyone!

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