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Mind sharing a couple stories, advices or concerns on an on-going WTT event?

I'll start by mentioning my recent experience with the Regera: I was away of competing seriously for a while, and now that thing feels sweet, brutal!! Got two concerns though:

1- While playing - but not during replay - why do I hear an increase in the engine's rpm if I slide a bit... given that car actually has a Direct Drive drivetrain, meaning no downshifting, no rev matching...
Does that mean spinning of all tires at once? (I guess not)

2- Why my car now has its brakes ON under the green light? That's not a problem at the Porsche track if you start fast, but it's annoying and certainly an eventual issue in other tracks/cars.

....and of course, ghost aren't available there, and my own ghost is an old, slower one. sad

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