AR Championship Series - Season 1

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AR Championship Series - Season 1

Welcome everyone to the inaugural season of the Assoluto Racing Championship Series!

Here is the schedule of events:

This is a friendly competition for anyone who wants to join in on the fun. We do have a few members from the Touch Arcade forum participating, who are not currently members of MAR. (That will change in time. wink )

The first event ends in 2 hours and 16 minutes. Event #2 will begin immediately after and run for 48 hours.

The top 10 finishers of each event will receive points as follows, just like in F1:

• An "event" consists of 4 lap times- one for each track within either the Unmodified or Modified series of each car specified on the event schedule listed above.

• Each driver's ranked position on the OFFICIAL LEADER BOARD will be averaged to arrive at an event score:

• Each driver must rank somewhere in the top 100 lap times on the official leader boards in order to post a final event score. (There is no other way for any of us to verify ranking positions without this condition.) 2 or 3 ranks out of a possible 4 will NOT earn a driver any score for an event. Your score for an event where this happens will be recorded as a "Ret" (Did not finish) just like in F1. If you don't post ANY lap times for any of the 4 tracks, then you will receive a DNS (Did not start).

• In the event that two or more drivers have a tied event score, the driver with the lowest total lap time (sum of all 4 heats) will be declared the winner or earner of a disputed finishing position.

It has been pointed out at the TA Forum that one COULD race all events NOW if they wanted to and not wait for the event to start according to schedule. This is true. However, your event scores will not be added to the Series records until the scheduled event finish time. If you do play ahead, you will want to check the leader boards for each event's car/series combo at the scheduled date range and DEFEND your current ranking positions to score well.


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