AR Lap Time Competition #1 - NSX-R Modified Series

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AR Lap Time Competition #1 - NSX-R Modified Series

This event officially started almost 24 hours ago over at the Touch Arcade forum. I just had the idea that we should somehow combine members from both there and here. I'm not exactly sure how this will pan out but I wanted to start a competition for fun.

Here are the results so far:

AR Official- GPS (1), Jazzman (2), AudiR8cer (4)
Blue City- AudiR8cer (1), GPS (2), Jazzman (3)
Yamagata Circuit- GPS (1), AudiR8cer (2), Jazzman (3)
Forest Path- AudiR8cer (1), GPS (2), Jazzman (3)

Calculating our average place and then dividing by 4 races yields the following points (lowest is the winner of course):
1. GPS = 1.5 (I think that he is only a member of the Touch Arcade forum)
2. AudiR8cer = 2
3. Jazzman = 2.75

I propose that we hold competitions like this as an on-going thing. This particular one started almost 24 hours ago. How long should we let it run? We need to establish a pattern for all future events. 24 hours? 48 hours? One full week? We should alternate between Modified and Unmodified Series so that everyone has a chance even if they haven't yet fully upgraded their cars. If we let each event last a week, then the series would last 6 months! (13 cars X 2 series each = 26 weeks). We will more than likely, get a few new cars in this amount of time. Maybe we should do only 24 or 48 hours. That would be 26 or 52 days total.


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