License Tests: Beginner Class

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License Tests: Beginner Class

Please feel free everyone to chime in with what you have found works best for you:

Since the distances of these first two tests are so short it is more important to know WHEN to brake rather than WHERE. Watch your tach. When you see 8000 rpm's in 2nd gear, immediately apply regular brake then quickly E-brake then regular brake again and hold. (1/2 second brake, 1/2 second E-brake, HOLD final brake.)

For this one, at 5000 rpm's in 3rd gear, do the brake-Ebrake-brake process described above.

This third test teaches you to start turning before you actually enter a turn. Be careful not to enter the turn too fast and pull the wheel too hard which will cause an oversteer/spin out. Do not slow down too much or you will not achieve gold.

This test is taking a tight, fast turn around a concrete wall. Be careful, the Silvia does oversteer easily if you try to take a turn too fast/too sharp.

Not much different than test 4 above- different car with a little more power and greater chance to oversteer.

Being a RWD car with a lot of power, the Honda S2000 will oversteer very easily if you are not careful. Start turning early and glide into the turn without applying much gas once you have entered it. Pulse the gas a little to not lose too much speed but don't floor it until you are exiting the turn to avoid spin out. This test teaches you the balance between gas and steering. It's OK to apply heavy gas when not turning much and it's OK to turn sharper when not applying much gas. Doing both however simultaneously, will spin you on your butt.

The circle track in FWD is relatively easy, just stay as close to the inside as you can.

Here is where the circle track gets challenging. You must do essentially the same thing as in the previous test but with the S2000, gas pulsing MUST become an art form. If you don't pulse long enough or frequent enough, you won't reach gold. If you try to take too much too quickly, you will spin out. This test took me a while to pass with gold status. Good luck!

Relatively straight forward full lap. My first attempt was a bronze finish. When I tried it again today, after having played other tracks and cars in Assoluto for a week, earning the gold finish was pretty easy.

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