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MRR Music playlists

I've taken a nice load of songs from MattO's Music Box and created a few playlists so I could listen to it all on the run. Then decided you guys could want to enjoy the playlists as well!

Turns out we can (in iOS for now) even play the Music in the background while playing RR3! (or surfing your favorite blog winkwink)

MRR Music Box
You can search in YouTube for "MRR Music Box" or paste the link into your browser. 

MRR Best -
MRR Lounge
MRR Party -
MRR Classic Rock
MRR Blues
MRR Oldies
MRR Heavy Metal
MRR B-sides
MRR Drums

Please keep filling the Music Box topic, and let's use this one to discuss the tips to use the playlists.
Songs are grouped into 8 categories, while the main playlist gathers ALL songs included the sub-playlists (I went through the initial 1/3 of the Music topic, more to follow).

Next step: pick decent cover images for each playlist! enlightened

Next step 2: create Spotify/Pandora copy playlists (might be easier to play along with RR3, or save for playing offline for your morning jogging devil.. anybody interested?)

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