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Data Input - Events

As you've all no doubt realized, the Series/Tiers/Events database here at MRR is a bit behind.  After maintaining it manually, mostly by myself, for a long time, I finally decided to write an automated process to update the database from a spreadsheet I was getting from a helpful member (reverse-engineered from the events.dat from RR3).  At about the time I got that process completed, the member in question had real-life issues that prevented him from keeping up with the rather time-consuming process of reverse-engineering the file with each new release.  [The Monkeys seemed to enjoy changing the format of the events.dat file on a regular basis.]

Since then, I've put out the call to a couple of other members to see if they could reverse-engineer the file.  Again, I think it is mostly RL issues that have prevented them from being able to supply the data.

My own real-life responsibilities, in the form of real clients, have increased of late such that my spare time for MRR has been drastically reduced.  So if any of you have time and would be willing to lend a hand updating the Events database, your efforts would be greatly appreciated.

Here's how it would work...  I will still create the Series and Tiers, and assign cars to the Tiers.  All that would be required of "contributors" would be to enter the Events data.  Running each event to capture the base R$ winnings (without clean race bonus, or any other bonuses added in), as well as Fame points (again, without any multipliers) would be ideal, but isn't required in order to build the database.  At a minimum, though, I would request that contributors launch each cup race to see how many participants there are.  You can then quit the race without running it.

In any case, please reply here if you are interested, or you can PM me if you have questions that you'd rather not put in the public thread.  Thanks in advance.

This is the current status for the input of Events data.

Series Tiers Events Assigned To Status


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