How-To: FHM Porsche

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How-To: FHM Porsche

Hi everyone,
Matt.Vargo requested a tutorial for my Porsche.

I'm not good in describing such things, but I try wink

So, here we go... at the very beginning there is an idea....
I have seen pictures of the FHM Mini Cooper.

Ok, we have no Mini Cooper in the game, so I have to find a car in my garage which I can use for this design...

I made not of all steps pictures, but will describe them shortly.

Bascially I painted the car black with a square and paint thru.

At first the basic thorax form

The details on 'shiny' skin and the light must be implemented...

And now the shape of the breast itself... I experimented a little bit with only one vinyl, but the results where not satisfying.
So I decided to use more.

And again the shiny and light elements... as you can see they are not always big,
but 'playing with the colors' give a good result.
During the design I was surpised how good the different orange colors 'play together' with grey as shiny and light
elements and created a nice skin color.

Finally I have placed the 2 colored fabric...

At the end I colored the bumber again black and delimit the fabric on the fenders and
designed the rest of the car with fading elements and the letters and numbers.

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