Suggestion for posting informations about a challenge stage

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Suggestion for posting informations about a challenge stage

Hi everybody,
I know, I know, I know... everyone is different and everyone looking on other details...
We have the screenshot people and we have the 'all easy'-people and we have the ones who are a little bit more in detail....

Not everyone is able, has the nerves or the time to do an detailed posting...

Also I know that taking screenshots and uploading them also take a bunch of time...

For some the track is important... for others also the number of opponents in the race...and naturally the number of laps... then we have the people who want to know if the goal is matching the preview... and as latest 'feature' from the monkeys, some will have a look to the 'suggested' PR
Others are interested in the rewards... some have car already full upgraded and then we have the users who want to invest as less money/gold as possible.

AND naturally everyone who did this stage views for an event early want also to finish it fast and invest time to inform the others....but nothing more as necessary and in most cases based on their own view to a challenge.

We CAN'T make fixed rules for posting this informations, because of all this small points about a challenge day.

The only thing I can do is to suggest a kind of frame to post such things based on my postings which some people like, because I try to catch the most important points.


Goal X (skip X gold)
Type of race, X laps, exact track, X opponents, (rolling start if applicable)
Suggested PR (new since version 4.0.5)... maybe in combination with own PR and upgrade status X of Y upgrades
special on the goal

description of own experience (or as summary at the end)

Reward(s): R$ and Gold (at the end of the goals)

Some will have the time to do this... others don't want invest this time...

I know... time is money... and if I create such a post it is naturally possible that someone is faster... but don't worry about that... If you actually in the process to create a thread instead of a post... simply cut&paste it to an answer post to an existing thread.
The others love the post anyway, because they see the effort and time behind it... and maybe someone make a typo or oversee something and the next post complete this hole of information wink

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